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Cchildren´s play pool

Belgian leatherette without ftalate on the surface. At the bottom of the pool the 10cm mat. The individual blocks are attached with velcro. It can be decomposed and parts used separately as methodical elements for exercise.

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The hump is intended for strengthening and stretching the abdominal area and buttocks muscles. It can be fastened to wall bars with the straps. Due to the high stiff ness it will not dent when lay on. This product is primarily used in gymnastics but it can be used anywhere the above mentioned body parts are exercised. The cover is made of phthalate-free Belgian synthetic leather. ...

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Children beam

These beams are designed primarily for children and beginners. It has a width of 15 cm and helps the gymnasts become confident before they go to the bigger sized beam. They are also suitable to practise new or more complicated moves. They are made of soft foam but the upper layer is made from similar material (similar hardness) as a classical beam. They can be moved easily, even by a small chil...

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The mat is made of Belgian synthetic leather (phthalate-free). Antislip is always at the bottom. It prevents sliding of the mat on the smooth surface. Antislip is included in the price of the mat. The core is made up from the high-quality cross-linked polyethylene. Therefore we would recommend the mats at schools and in the places with higher loads. The mat is provided with a strap for carrying...

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