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These top quality mats are mainly used where high performance is needed, not only in training but also in competitions. The core is made from 6 lay...

FIG Exercise floor with springs 14x14m

This FIG certified competitive sprung exercise floor (according to the new testing parameters in force since January 2016) is built on 20cm high sp...

Foam vaulting table 2013

This element is suitable for strengthening of the abdominal area. It can be used also as a barrier or just to relax. The core is made of high-quali...

Uneven bar

FIG certifi ed competition mats. The pack contains interconnection mats. 4x 300x200x20cm, 1x 200x200x20cm

Foam paralel bars

The core of hardened crosfoams-linked polyethylene ensures this product extremely durable. You need no metal structure, stability is ensured, not o...

Bar protection

This element is used to teach new movements. At the bottom of the paw with Velcro. Further contrasting handle trainer.


The collar is designed as a tool pad, a combination of polyurethane and polyethylene foam. In low light reflective practitioner mattress follows th...


FIG certifi ed competition mats. The packs contain interconnection mats. 3x 250x200x20cm


  • Airtrack set

    Four products in a set at an unbeatable price.
  • Order delivery time

    Order received after 15 November will be deliver in the new year 2018.
  • Czech Championship in Women's gymnastics

    The last weekend in October was the Czech Championship in Women's Category C gymnastics. The championship was divided into two days due to a large number of people interested. 140 gymnasts from all over the country was participated. Beautiful Sports Event and Diony Sports International s.r.o. was the main supplier of the tools the gymnasts practiced. :-)

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3D projects

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