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Airtrack is used to make practising acrobatics easier. Depending on the pressure outside the Airtrack and the weight of the gymnast the give in the surface can be regulated by the amount of air fl ow going in. We off er only products with a height of 20 cm, since the EU regulations. The product is supplied with a compressor that can also suck the air out of the Airtrack, for easy dissemble.

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The wedge is designed to protect gymnasts at the impact of minitrampu which can occur when a bad landing injuries.

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Stretch blanket for landing mats

The stretch blanket provides softer landing. At the bottom you can find Velcro system for joining more blankets together (the big landing area is created this way). Stretch is very nice material which you will love.

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Stretch landing area

This landing area is suitable where the standard pit is not possible to install. Due to its weight (about 60 kg - depending on the size) it is easy to move. The sandwich-type core has special modifications, providing better safety for the gymnast. The stretch material on the surface allows the landing area to return to its original position allowing the gymnasts to feel confident to land on it ...

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Stretch mats

Stretch mats are our market innovation. They are excellent in their elasticity with a comfortable surface. During exercise the surface gives and returns back immediately to its original position. Once you try it and you will not want any other mat!

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These mats are used as the competitive mats for TeamGym. The core is made ​​of high quality polyurethane and crosslinked polyethylene. Their combination ensures the safety during landing from a great height. The whole concept is made for maximum security of exercisers. The landing systém is from 4 landing mats - stretch blanket is part of it.

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